LastInfoSec's technology continuously inventories, evaluates, enriches and contextualizes data sources accessible on multiple channels to have a global vision of cybercrime and cyber warfare.

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Threat Feed, data feed that improves threat detection or analysis platforms.

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Malware & PCAP feed, malware and PCAP feeds stored in a daily bucket.

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IOC Analysis, a data submission service to determine its threat level.

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LastInfoSec is a young startup founded by three cyber defence experts. Their main objective is to become a leader in automated intelligence on subjects like cybercrime and cyberwar.

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Why work with us

Real-time cyber threats cartography

+1.5 million enriched and validated IoCs per year

Quick and easy integration

Gatewatcher approached LastInfoSec in order to provide Threat Intelligence to its clients. The LIS teams are "operational" oriented and allow a smart Intelligence Threat to be set up rapidly, without getting involved in expensive acquisition processes. Our next phase is to become fully integrated with LIS, and to create a subscription program for vulnerable French clients.

Philippe Gillet

CTO - Cofounder Gatewatcher

We have been developing LastInfoSec’s technology since May 2019, at the Euratechnologies incubator (FALC incubator). We immediately identified the high potential of the team which meets our selection criteria: tackle the problem, interact with a growing and global market, develop a strong barrier to technological entry. François, Paul and Remy are targeting the Threat Intelligence market with efficiency and innovation. Just a few months after creating the company, they were already working with the most prestigious actors in the defense and banking sectors. LastInfoSec is now one of the most promising companies incubated at Euratechnologies

Julien Trucy

FALC Program Manager - Euratechonologies

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